The most lazy countries : Do you live in one of them ?

The most lazy countries : Do you live in one of them ?
  You may live in one of the most lazy countries in the world without realizing it, read the news to know more.

  A recent survey by researchers at Stanford University in the United States of America published in the journal Nature recently revealed the world's most lazy countries based on the number of steps people walk daily.

During the survey, data from smart devices were analyzed for more than 700,000 people around the world, measuring the level of activity of each individual surveyed.

  • The average number of steps a person takes each day is 4961 steps, or 4 kilometers.
  • The most agile and active are Hong Kong residents, with a daily average of 6880 steps per person, or in other words a distance of about 6 kilometers.
  • The least active and perhaps the most lazy are the people of Indonesia, with an average daily steps of about 3513 steps per person.

  While the results of other countries are as follows :

  • Britain: The British walk daily at 5,444 steps per person, less than 5 kilometers.
  • United States of America: Americans walk daily at a rate of 4774 per person.
  • Canada, Australia and New Zealand: The level of activity of individuals and the number of their daily steps were less than the normal limit.
  • Some Arab countries: Libya and Saudi Arabia whose level of activity was lower than the rest of the Arab countries, while the levels of activity in countries such as Egypt and the Maghreb countries are relatively high.

  This study included data, information and new aspects not covered by the previous studies. The survey covered more countries, as well as the activity and level of movement of individuals for longer periods.

  Nevertheless, the researchers noted that the levels of obesity measured in each country were not significantly affected by the levels of activity recorded by the survey and the number of steps individuals. For example, although the number of steps taken by the population of the United States and Mexico recorded a great convergence, The levels of obesity in the two countries were significantly different and varied.

Source : British BBC
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