Hair bag : causes, symptoms and treatmen

Hair bag : causes, symptoms and treatment
  Have you ever heard  hair bag? In this article we will review its causes, symptoms, treatment and treatment.

  The paponidal cyst usually appears between the nipples of the buttocks, and, like any bag that may appear in the body, it may become infected with a type of infection or may be filled with pus. The normal cyst becomes a fistula when the sac is infected with a type of infection and inflammation, Which has already been mentioned, which may make the patient feel severe pain.

  Most vulnerable to the hair bag

  The hair bag is similar in appearance to the blister, and is often affected by the following categories :

  • Men are the most vulnerable group, while the incidence of women is usually very few.
  • Younger people are the most vulnerable group compared to the elderly.
  • People : Obese people who have excessive body hair production (feeling), who have a feeling of irritability or irritation in the area between the nibbles.

  Symptoms of hair bag

  Symptoms of the hair bag often include the following :

  • Pain accompanied by swelling, swelling or redness.
  • Extermination of pus or blood.
  • Smelly accompanied by pus.
  • Pain when touching the bag.
  • Fever.

  The size of the hair bag varies from one case to another, as it may be too small for a pimple and may grow to cover larger areas of the body.

  Causes of hair bag

  The underlying cause of the emergence and development of the hair bag is still not well known today, but doctors are likely to have some possible causes :

  • Hair growing under the skin, which may form a kind of nest, as doctors often find hair follicles gathered in the bag of hair.
  • The affected area is exposed earlier to a type of friction or force.
  • The same area is exposed to a range of consecutive injuries.
  • The person is born with a type of small dimple between the nipple of the ass, which with age may be exposed to a type of infection or infection.

  Diagnosis and treatment of hair bag

  It is usually diagnosed by the doctor, through a physical examination, during which the doctor to ask some questions to the patient with the examination of the affected area closely.

  There are many treatments available and surgical solutions as well, these include :

  1. Incision and drain process

  If this is the first time that a person has been infected with a hair bag, the doctor will often resort to this method of treatment, through which he will create a section of the hair bag and take out and unload the contents, including small hair follicles. Surgical procedure.

  One of the advantages of this method is that it can be performed without the need for total anesthesia, and that local anesthesia usually meets the purpose, and this method is simple, straightforward and uncomplicated. The few disadvantages include the need to change the gauze on the wound continuously for a period of up to 3 weeks until the wound heals completely.

  2. Marsupialization

  This procedure is similar to the previous procedure to some extent. The doctor here also makes a slit in the hair bag and empties it. However, unlike the previous method, it does not leave the wound open, but stitches its edges to the bottom of the bag.

  Although this is a surgical procedure, it is performed with local anesthesia and sometimes in outpatient clinics without the need for a hospital operating room. This surgery usually requires a period of up to 6 weeks or longer for complete recovery.

  3 - the process of opening and unloading the bag with the closure of the wound

  In this method, a surgical incision is made and after the contents of the bag are emptied the wound is closed. However, this surgical procedure itself may cause problems and complications more than the previous methods, and is performed in a fully equipped operating room with full anesthesia.

  Recovery from surgery

  Like any other type of surgery, you should pay careful attention to the doctor's instructions before and after surgery. These are some general tips:

  • Keep the area clean.
  • Observe any signs or symptoms of inflammation or infection, such as: redness, pus, pain.
  • Adherence to medical appointments and not being neglected during the recovery period.
  • Keep the area clean of hair.

  It is important to note that in many cases, the hair bag may cause cancer in the skin, and the recurrence of infection of the hair bag increases the incidence of infection for the first time and often in the same region, in the proportion of 40-50% of the infected.

  How to avoid the emergence of hair bag ?

  Maintaining hygiene is very important to prevent the emergence and development of the hair bag, and prevent re-infection, and these are some practices that will help you:

  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Keep the area free of hair, either by shaving or by using special creams.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods.

  People who are obese are advised to reduce their weight. This will reduce their chances of getting a hair bag or repeating it.
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