Hair Protein: How to strengthen and strengthen your hair ?

Hair Protein How to strengthen and strengthen your hair ?!
  Let us introduce you to the most common synthetic and natural hair protein :

  It has been talking about hair proteins and how to strengthen the hair and treatment of problems, either using supplements or modern treatments that rely on the essential proteins forming the hair, or even nutrition sound. Let us talk about hair protein of all kinds:

  What is a hair protein?

  Protein is the essential component of the hair. The hair is a protein line that grows from the skin of the dermis to the outside, consisting of several proteins, including keratin, the main protein. The hair follicle is a bulge below the hair surrounded by blood vessels feeding it.

  One hair consists of several formwork structures that are affected and affected as one unit; from inner core, outer shell, and outer cuticle.

  The outer envelope consists of matrix arrays overlapping over some, its function to resist the somewhat different external environment conditions. The direction of these wings is responsible for the impact of hair friction and is governed by many factors, for example, the direction of the wings to the top when the hair or wash shampoo, which increases the friction of hair and thus easy to break - when combing for example -.

What are the stages of hair growth?

  Hair grows faster in the spring and its growth is slower in autumn, just like leaves. Growth decreases with age.

  In general, the head contains about one hundred and fifty thousand hairs 100,000-150,000, ninety percent (90%) of which is in the growth stage Anagen, taking two to five years to grow at a rate of two and a half centimeters per month in women - The rate is lower than that of men. At the end of this stage hair falls and enters the resting or stopping phase of growth for three months called Telogen, which represents about ten percent (10%) of the head hair at any time to re-grow again.

Protein in your diet

  Our diet directly affects the hair and because the hair structure is proteins, our treatment of proteins is very important for hair growth. Even if we follow a diet to lose weight we must maintain the amount of protein consumed in food.

Supplements of hair proteins

  There are also supplements for the formation of hair proteins such as Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc. These elements are trace elements that we get from food, and the body needs them only in very small amounts.

  We must therefore avoid these elements in the form of commercial supplements, because their increase in natural rates is toxic and harmful. The lack of these elements is clearly manifested because of its serious symptoms.

  Iron, Ferrous, Vitamin E and Vitamin B are useful ingredients for the body and for nourishing hair follicles but they are also required in natural proportions. I would not recommend any commercial supplements if there is no real deficiency. Maintaining a diet containing these ingredients is The best way to healthy hair.

  The weak hair may appear dull, curly, various lengths (to flatten limbs) and a small density, synaptic difficult to comb with hand or fingers.

  Keratin hair treatment

  What is the source of Keratin Hair preparations?

  Keratin proteins are derived from the degradation products of some parts of animals containing natural keratin, such as nails, horns, wool of some animals or even feathers of some birds. Keratin protein has been produced from non-animal methods, ie, but it has not yet produced the desired efficacy.

  Scientific studies have shown that keratin hair treatment is effective, as it protects the hair and wraps it, especially if it is fixed by the hair iron.

  It is worth mentioning that the treatment of keratin does not repair the protein inside the hair follicles, but on the hair from the outside only. According to one reliable international scientific study, hair follicle does not absorb any substance by placing it on the hair or on the scalp except in a very simple way that can be neglected. Thus, we can conclude that the treatment of keratin is not suitable for what is corrupted by time, meaning that will not repair light hair or improve its growth, but the hair is repaired from the outside, to become more fresh and vibrant, and less tangled and prone to break or bomb.

  Keratin is absorbed from dyed hair more than non-dyed.

  Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)

  It is one of the first modern techniques used to make hair straight or smooth. It has various names including Albumin hair straightening, or Botox Hair Botox.

  This type is more effective than others with all types of hair and even dyed.

  In conclusion, as you can see, there are many ways that may be adopted to strengthen and strengthen hair protein, but the healthy and balanced diet is the best and safest, and the least expensive.
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