The Kremlin plans to compete with "Facebook" in Russia

The Kremlin plans to create a private social network , like Facebook and location of the launch soon . The aim of the new social network to attract users Russians to open personal accounts at the site which is sponsored by the Russian government officially , according to a report published by the British newspaper The Guardian .

And social networking sites have turned to tools used by opposition activists since the protests that broke out last December , but instead follow the Chinese way of blocking such sites , Russia will resort to go to the game by launching its own network competition , according to the report .

It is expected that kicks off the network during the month of June current , handsome built depending on the site has already been created with the support of former President " Dmitry Medvedev " specialist complaints against government officials.

Analysts are skeptical about the chances of the new network competition in global networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even some famous Russian social networks like Vkontakte , which has 118 million users and Odnoklassniki , which has 45 million users. Some argue that people will not join the social network of the establishment of the government , because this is " illogical ," according to a Russian Internet experts .
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